CAUNewswire – CAU Introduces PHREAK™ Certification for telephony hackers

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                      i$l    l$i $l    l$ i$l    l$i
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                `$$$$  Y$,  ,$P  Y$,  ,$$ $Y$,  ,$P  $$$$'
                 `$$$$  `""""`    `""""`""  `""""`  $$$$'
                      computer academic underground

AUSTIN, Texas, April 05 2007 /CAUNewswire/ —

CAU announced today it’s second specialized certification offering into the Information Security Certifications market, the Phone Hacker, Researcher, Exploiter, And Konqueror (PHREAK) certification. Nearly two years since introduction of it’s extremely successful first offerings of the CAU Certified Information Systems Security Practitioner (C²ISSP) certification, as well as it’s first specialized certification, the Hacker and Xtreme 0day Researcher (HAX0R) certification, this new certification is targeted toward all hackers who specialize in vulnerability and exploit development within the scope of targeting and exploring telephony systems and technology.

In continuing the trend that CAU started with their first two certifications, the PHREAK certification process is also FREE, as in “free beer,” not as in “free speech.”

More information on CAU’s Information Security Certifications can be found at the organization’s website, under the Certifications area:

Or via email to the CAU Certifications Review Board, at


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