Mnemonic Password Formulas

A research paper that I recently authored entitled Mnemonic Password Formulas was published on Monday in Uninformed Journal Vol. 7. It’s essentially some research that I’ve done on the deficiencies in existing methods for memorability and manageability of passwords as well as documentation of a new method for the same that I’ve termed “Mnemonic Password Formulas”, or “MPFs”, that I have been developing for my own personal use over the past 6 years or so. If you’re a computer user and use passwords, I invite you to read this paper.


One Response to “Mnemonic Password Formulas”

  1. solinym Says:

    Another option is to keep a correct-length string in a written password list, and encrypt it mentally before entering it. I do that, keep the “plaintext” in my wallet (and safe) until I’ve memorized it, and then destroy the wallet copy.

    The encryption doesn’t have to be a modern cipher – you can simply use some of the old pencil-and-paper ciphers, because even if they get some plaintext/ciphertext pairs, the amount of material is so small that there’s not enough to cryptanalyze.

    It’s pretty similar to what you describe – you can think of MPFs as being a weak form of encryption – however in addition to the contextual information, the encryption also has a potentially random string as input to give it entropy (and sufficient length/diversity to satisfy any password complexity rules).

    I have a few improvements and variations, but basically that works pretty well for me.

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