CAU Defined

Many of you are probably wondering, “What the hell is the Computer Academic Underground? And what the hell is that supposed to mean anyway?” Well, this is the part where we tell you.

First of all, we are the Computer Academic Underground. Looking in various dictionaries, you will find the following Information:

computer – (n.) com.pu.ter (“k&m-‘pyu-t&r”): A programmable electronic device that can store, retrieve, and process data.

From the word “computer”, I’m sure you can derrive the driving interest of the CAU. Technically, you can call a PC a computer, a mainframe a computer, a calculator a computer, a PBX phone system a computer. This is what the CAU is interested in. This is the medium for our exploration and expertise. These things are what we want to know about, these are the things we want to know how to secure, break, control, subvert, etc.

academic – (n.) ac.a.dem.ic (“a-k&-‘de-mik”): A member of an institution or academy, especially of higher learning.

I consider the CAU to be an institution of higher learning. What the CAU is all about is knowledge. Gaining knowledge, sharing knowledge, having the right to learn, and taking advantage of that right by teaching ourselves as well as teaching others.

underground – (n.) un.der.ground (“&n-d&r-‘ground”): An unofficial, unsanctioned, or illegal but informal movement or group.

We take the illegal movement or group definition humorously, not litterally. We know that the government does not like us. We know that local law enforcement does not like us. We know that alot of people do not like us. None of this matters, simply because we don’t do anything wrong. In today’s world, fear is a very strong motivator. When the government does not understand something, it must be evil. When law enforcement does not understand something, it must be illegal and therefore must be stopped. When people don’t understand something, they simply get scared and build up their prejudices against what they do not understand.

The CAU is not going to go away,
so everyone’s just going to have to live with it.


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